The history

"Ed or ora immolarmi voglio il becco con quel meloaromatico Prosecco." So begins the poem by Aureliano Acanti , "The Roccolo ditirambo" composed in 1754 which can be considered the oldest evidence of the cultivation of Prosecco in Veneto.

According to the author Villafranchi (1773 ), the grape variety originates from Carso Triestino, and takes its name from Prosecco, a borough of Trieste.

Only the beginning of the ' 800, it was detected its presence on the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene , which established since the 80s of last century, the fame and celebrity of this vine finding here the ideal ground on the steep slopes of our hills to fully express its organoleptic properties.

The need to defend what has become a heritage of the area in recent years has meant that the Prosecco wine became a Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC ) and Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG) produced only in northeastern Italy.

Currently the product specification that identifies the Prosecco variety no longer with this name but the name Glera , one of the historic names.